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20 years NTEF


The National Trust EcoFund (NTEF) was established in October 1995. The Fund manages assets from the state budget, including under the Debt-for-Environment and the Debt-for-Nature swaps.

Funds are also generated via the Assigned Amount Units (AAUs) international trade deal(s), the sale of greenhouse gas emissions quotas for aviation activities, as well as funds, provided by other environmental protection agreements between the Republic of Bulgaria and international or local financing sources.

Our Role and Functions

Selects and approves the projects for funding

Endorses contracts with the beneficiaries upon project approval

Monitors projects implementation

Latest News


  • Test photo

    National Green Investment Scheme

    NGIS objective is the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, while significantly improving the quality of the environment. NTEF has…

  • Program Debt for Environment

    Part of swap deal between the Republic of Bulgaria and the Swiss Confederation with 100 projects in areas ...

  • Program for Environment Restoration

    Pilot Program for Environment Restoration (PPER) was developed to mitigate the severe environmental contamination at the MDK copper smelter…

  • Protected Areas Fund

    Protected Areas Fund’s Mission is to support landscape preservation, natural habitats and biodiversity in protected areas in Bulgaria, in…

  • Investment Climate Program

    ICP objective is to encourage initiatives that lead to the direct of indirect reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.


Financed Projects

EcoFund-NGIS-pin@2x National Green Investment Scheme
EcoFund-DFE-pin@2x Program Debt for Environment
EcoFund-PPER-pin@2xEnvironment Restoration
EcoFund-PAF-pin@2x The Protected Areas Fund
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