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Program Debt for Environment


In 1994 the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria expressed its interest for achieving ‘Dept-for-Environment’ swap during the negotiations with the Paris Club for Bulgaria’s debt restructuring.

The Government’s declaration is supported by the World Bank and as a result the Bank offered a model for arriving at a swap agreement for the national debt. The Government of the Swiss Confederation proposes a bilateral swap agreement in February 1995, followed by negotiations between the two parties in March same year. The successful discussions were soon followed by an endorsed Protocol in April .The agreement is officially signed on October, 25th 1995 during the Third Environment for Europe Ministerial Conference, which took place in Sofia.

According to the conditions in the ‘Debt-for-Environment’ swap agreement , 20% of the officially guaranteed traded debt to the Swiss Confederation, which amounts to 23 544 000 CHF, are due to be paid from the state budget on eight equal bi-annual payments in BGN by the exchange rate of the Bulgarian National Bank on every payment day. The first payment was made on 31 March 1996, and the last one – on 30 September 1999.


NTEF financed a total of 100 projects. The total amount of the financial support was 26 548 665 BGN. The Fund provided an average of 19% from the total cost of the projects.

DFE Financed Projects by priority areas

DFE Financed Projects chart 
by priority areas

Chart legend color red Clean-up of past pollution
Chart legend color light blue Air pollution reduction
Chart legend color blue Water pollution protection
Chart legend color green Protection of the biodiversity

DFE Financed Projects by beneficiaries

DFE Financed Projects chart 
by beneficiaries

Chart legend color orange Municipalities
Chart legend color light blue Companies
Chart legend color green National Insitutions
Chart legend color blue BAS and others


Successful completion of the Debt For Environment swap agreement between Bulgaria and Switzerland


Reduction of air pollution

Gasification of a total of

municipal building
  • Kindergarten – 77;
  • Schools – 80;
  • Hospitals and medical centers – 10;
  • Community cultural centers – 3;
  • Dormitories – 4;
  • Social centers for children and old people – 4;
  • Other municipal buildings – 23.

Gas purification installations – 2
Low-nitrogen burners for energy boilers – 3

Clean up of past pollutions

A total of

m³ wastes were removed
  • From legal municipal landfills in 26 villages and 10 towns;
  • From legal landfills in 157 villages, 5 town suburbs, and 4 nature sites.

Closure and recultivation of old landfills in 17 municipalities as part of the DEF Program.

Protection of biodiversity

A total length of

meters ecotrails
  • In national parks – 3;
  • In nature parks – 2;
  • In protected sites – 1;
  • Reintroduction of Balkan chamois – 4;
  • Restoration of nature habitats – 4;
  • Improvement of water ecosystems – 2;
  • Others – 3;
  • Scientific research – 3.

Clean water protection

A total of 15 projects for clean water protection were completed – 8 in the Black Sea watershed and 7 in the Danube river basin. The following activities were completed:

  • Installation of waste water pumping station – 1;
  • Waste water treatment plants installation – 2;
  • Sewerage collectors installation – 12.

Financed Projects

Borovets Resort

Program Debt for Environment

Wastewater treatment plant in Borovets resort.

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Vitosha Park

Program Debt for Environment

Restoration of the Bulgarian wild goat population.

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Central Balkan National Park

Program Debt for Environment

Rila National Park

Program Debt for Environment



Program Debt for Environment | Yambol

Yambol municipality High School ” Vassil Levski” High School  “Atanas Radev” High School “V. Karagyozov” Elementary School “Prof. Noykov” School “Dimcho Debelyanov” School “Nikolay Petrini” Kindergarten “Slynce” Kindergarten “Bilyana” Kindergarten “Chrevenata Shapchica”

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