A new park has been opened in Burgas – one of the first eight urban sites for climate change adaptation in Bulgaria

The establishment of the new park, located on the place of the ruins in the area between “Oborishte” and “General Gurko” streets, has been completed. The park is built entirely of natural materials with the aim to recreate the natural environment as far as possible. 

It was ceremonially opened in the presence of the deputy mayors Vesna Baltina and engineer Chanka Koralska, as well as of experts from Burgas Municipality and Sliven Municipality. 

For the renovation of the space between apartment blocks, fully recyclable materials have been used, excluding plastic and concrete. The pavement is made of granite paving blocks. The playground is equipped with interesting facilities of solid wood and the landscaping includes trees suitable for urban environment, as well as two green walls.

The new greenery and pergolas play an essential role for the improvement of the atmosphere and the air quality during the hot summer days. New energy-saving luminaires have been installed, which provide the necessary comfort during the night.

The park is equipped with a photovoltaic system, which supplies electricity to two charging stations for electric cars with clean energy. Parking places for eight cars have been separated in the renovated area, five of which are intended for disabled people, and the remaining three are for electric vehicles. 

In the renovated space, the citizens and guests of Burgas will enjoy pleasant places for relaxation and social contacts. The benches offer possibility for charging mobile phones and devices. Free Wi-Fi is provided.

An attractive fountain also contributes to the pleasant atmosphere. It will be used to cool the environment and promote the biodiversity. 

At the ceremonial opening of the park, talented children from Zvezditsa Kindergarten, who presented open air music performances and demonstrated a yoga lesson, addressed special greetings.

The park was renovated under project “Implementation of innovative measures for climate change mitigation and adaptation in municipalities in Bulgaria”, financed under program “Environment Protection and Climate Change” by the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 with the National Trust Eco Fund as a lead partner.