Bike cinema in times of pandemic

How much effort should we put in for the energy we use

On 21.10.2020 in 7th School in Sofia, а BIKE CINEMA screening took place. The event was carried out outside, without mixing students from different classes and in compliance with all safety measures.

The bike cinema is an interesting method for presenting to the public the topics of climate and energy saving. It consists of a system, where the participants’ bikes can be connected to generate energy which is used for projecting a movie. It also gives participants the chance to feel themselves how much energy is needed for that and how much effort it would cost them to produce the energy needed for minor everyday devices. This increases awareness about the topic and  the amount of energy wasted around us each day.

The bike cinema equipment was provided by NTEF in the frame of the BEACON project of the European climate initiative (EUKI) of the German Federal Ministry of Environment.

The ten bicycles for the projection on the 21.10.2020 were provided by Sofia Bike Rental, who sponsored the event.

After the screening, the students energy team, which for a second year takes care for the rational use of energy in the school, places a floor sticker in the entrance hall of the building, which reminds about the basic rules of energy saving.

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