Director of the Executive Bureau of NTEF

As a result of a competition held for the election of the Director of the Executive Bureau of NTEF, with the Decision of the Board of Directors dated 22.02.2024, Maria Minkova was assigned to the position.

Maria Minkova began her work experience in 1998 at NTEF.

After 9 years of work at the Fund, she continues her professional experience in the field of project financing. In the period 2011-2018, she participated in the management of two of the funds of the Bulgarian-Swiss cooperation program.

She has been working on the financing of environmental protection projects for over 15 years.

Over 15 years of assisting applicants and beneficiaries of grants in the preparation and management of their projects.

Master of Economics, majoring in International Economic Relations, with additional qualifications in the field of project management.