In Sliven, the municipality has started the restoration of “the street with the rose lane”

In order to protect the citizens of Sliven from the urban heat island effect, caused by the climate changes, which make our cities increasingly hot for an increasingly long period of the year, Sliven Municipality has undertaken measures to connect the City Park and Yunak Park with a green corridor. 

The pilot project for climate change adaptation envisages the transformation of the pedestrian zone along Nikola Furnadzhiev St., also known as the “Street with the rose lane”, into a green corridor between the two parks.

The project aims at improving the surrounding space by building a new green infrastructure.  It combines a range of climate change adaptation and mitigation measures, as well as zone separation to combat urban warming and the so-called “heat island” effect. 

The activities will be focused on “unsealing” asphalt and tile-covered areas, enriching the existing greening by planting new deciduous and coniferous tree  species, evergreen and flowering shrubs and perennial flowers. It is planned to build recreation corners, where garden benches, water elements (walls), as well as fountains for people and animals, will be installed.

The changes in the microclimate of the restored pedestrian zone will be reported by climate measurement mini-stations with LED panels, through which the citizens will receive information on the humidity and temperature values ​​in a real time mode. 

Officially, the implementation was launched with a symbolic “ground-breaking ceremony”. 

“I am glad that this project has been approved. It will help us to restore the space known from the recent past and much-loved by our citizens. We shall improve it and turn it into an even more attractive place”, claimed the Deputy Mayor Kamen Kostov.

The activities are implemented by Sliven Municipality under project “Implementation of innovative measures for climate change mitigation and adaptation in municipalities in Bulgaria” within the Environment Protection and Climate Change Program of MEW under the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism.