In Sofia, the implementation of one of the eight pilot projects for adaptation to climate change in an urban environment has begun

It represents a shared “cooled” space and event venue in the „Vazrazhdane“ Park in the Amphitheater park facility.

This measure to reduce the urban heat island effect as a consequence of climate change was identified by the team of the Sofia City Municipality within the Project “Implementation of innovative measures for mitigation and adaptation to climate change in the municipalities of the Republic of Bulgaria”, financed within the Program “Environmental Protection and Climate Change” of the European Economic Area (EEA). The project is implemented for eight large cities in Bulgaria with the leading partnership of the National Trust Ecofund and the expert support of the Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (KS).

The decision to select this site was reached after a thorough analysis of the municipality’s needs, a review and compliance with the existing strategic documents of the Sofia City municipality for adaptation to climate change. An idea was also borrowed from a visit by a group from the municipality to the site “Blue-green infrastructure in the city of Bergen (Norway) – Urban development project in Mindemiren”, which also has a dedicated “green” recreation area, an outdoor amphitheatre and a rock garden.

The amphitheatre in the “Vazrazhdane” park will be shaded, including with green vegetation, and additionally landscaped, special heat-absorbing flooring will be used, and space misting systems will be implemented. Thus, the place will become really attractive for visitors to the park and will fulfil its future purpose of conducting educational activities for children and other park visitors from the area and from the whole city.

The event was opened by the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Ms. Yordanka Fandakova, and Ms. Irena Pencheva, Acting Deputy Director, also spoke. director of the Executive Bureau of NDEF and the mayor of the “Vazrazhdane” Region, Mrs. Savina Savova.

The amphitheatre will welcome its guests at the end of September.