With the inspiration of Mimi Pramatarova – a look ahead

At the initiative of „Rila National Park“ Direcotrate and with the participation of  National Trust Ecofund and the Club of Laureates of the Ecoforum Plus Foundation from from October 13-15th 2022 a creative workshop was organised and held in the Visitor centre of the National park in Panichishte.

15 boys and girls from differtent cities in the country participated. Some of them in the last three years have won prizes in the annual competition for nature protection of NDEF in the name of Mimi Pramatarova.

The participants spent three unforgettable days with an intensive and experience-rich program. New acquaintances, a lot of new knowledge about nature and climate changes, breathtaking experiences during the hikes to Skakavitsa reserve and waterfall and Panichishte lake, many photographs after the nature photography training filled the little time. In the last hours, divided into three creative teams, the participants prepared and presented their impressions, experiences and ideas about park management in unique visual concepts.

Before leaving, the young people decided that they will continue their joint creative plans and will do their best to meet more often and attract more followers to promote the contest and contribute to the conservation of nature.

The event was held within the framework of the “Policies for Youth in the Environment” Campaign, financed with funds from the budget of the Ministry of Environment and Water.