Preschool teachers’ training, Sofia 23-26.01.2020

Between 23 and 26 of January 2020, the next teachers’ training for kindergartens took place in Sofia, as part of the BEACON project. The event was organised by the National Trust Ecofund, together with the National centre for improving the qualification of pedagogical specialists and the Independent Environment Institute (UfU) from Berlin.

The participating teachers have received certificates and credits accordingly. The lectors were from Sofia University and UfU.

In total 30 kindergarten teachers participated. Some of them are from 12 new to the project kindergartens from Burgas, and 1 from Sofia. They all will start implementing the energy saving program. From the ones who are already participating and were trained in June 2019, teachers from 8 kindergartens and schools took part, from Burgas, Sofia, Veliko Tarnovo, Radanovo and Gabrovo.

The event was organised specially aimed at the work of teachers in kindergartens due to demand and interest from the teachers, as well as to the decision of Burgas municipality to introduce the energy saving initiative to all its schools and kindergartens.

During the training, activities suitable for preschool aged children were demonstrated and tried by the teachers. The option to discuss (“philosophically”) with the children about the abstract topic of climate and energy was emphasized. Practical gamified activities were presented, that would leave impact on the children and their future habits, forming the basis for a climate-aware behaviour.

The event generated many discussions about the development of the initiative in Bulgaria and sharing of new ideas among the participants.