Educational programs

Measuring instruments used in the energy saving project

Fast measuring thermometer

  • measures the temperature quickly
  • the sensor is at the end of the wire
  • the sensor is fragile; if the students are not careful with it, there is a danger of it being broken
  • it is necessary that the two small wires touch each other
  • measures as soon as it switched on
  • is kept away from the body so that body temperature does not affect the measured value
  • it is necessary to measure in the middle of the room to capture the average room temperature
  • should not be kept too close to the ground because the most accurate value is obtained from the position of average height of the room
  • 20-22 ° C is a suitable room temperature


  • measures illumination
  • the luxometer has different levels; when switched on, a level must be selected
  • the first level (200 lux) is appropriate in a not very lighted room or away from the window
  • when you are closer to the window it is necessary to include a wider measurement level (2000 lux)
  • when you are in a really lighted room, you have to increase the level even more
  • the project focuses on the illumination of pupils' classrooms to guide them to switch lights on only when needed
  • 300 lux is the required level of illumination for the pupils' desks

Carbon dioxide (CO2) measuring instrument

  • measures the amount of CO2 in the air in parts per million (ppm)
  • plug into the power supply and start measuring after a short signal
  • for better measurement, it is advisable not to place it in a corner of the room
  • in order not to disturb the measured value, it is necessary not to place your head too close to the device and not to breathe directly into it
  • it is not necessary to place it in the center of the room
  • when the measured value in the classroom reaches 2000 parts per million, it is necessary to open a window
  • the device is used to demonstrate how quickly the air in the room can be polluted and what is the most effective and energy-saving way of ventilating


  • measures the power consumption of a device
  • students are often unaware of the power consumption of certain devices
  • a number of measurements will give them an idea of the amount of electricity a device consumes

Data logger

  • measures the temperature over a long period of time and stores the values
  • used to measure the average temperature and whether the temperature drops during the night, weekends and during holidays
  • the aim is to identify the potential for saving energy from heating
  • data can be read by free computer software
  • the data should extend to at least one week, along with the weekend - it is even better to include data measured during a vacation


  • to replace the batteries, you need a small screwdriver