Teachers from Neofit Rilski and Hristo Maksimov Primary School in the Municipality of Samokov and the 56th Primary School "Konstantin Irechek" and 79th Indira Gandhi Primary School in Lyulin District of Sofia Municipality together with representatives of both municipalities took part in a study trip to Berlin as part of the project "Climate Protection through Energy Efficiency - Introducing Models for Stimulating Energy Savings in Schools in Romania and Bulgaria". Participants in the study had the opportunity to get acquainted theoretically with the essence of climate change and energy efficiency, as well as to visit a school in Berlin to witness the direct involvement of pupils in the energy saving process.

The project was implemented in partnership between the NTEF, the German UfU independent environmental institute and the Romanian Environ organization, with the support of the German Federal Ministry of the Environment. It aims to raise awareness among students about energy efficiency and to encourage them to save energy in schools.

On April 26, 2017, a conference was held within the framework of the Climate Conservation Project through Improved Behavior of Energy Users in European Schools, implemented by the National Trust EcoFund in partnership with the Independent Environmental Institute in Berlin with the financial support of the German Ministry of the Environment environment, nature conservation, construction and nuclear safety.

The purpose of the conference was to present the experience of the participating schools and to discuss the future of the project as well as the future involvement of new participants.

Participants in the conference were representatives of the municipalities involved in the project, teachers and pupils, municipalities where the NTEF has funded energy efficiency measures in schools or is about to fund such, NGOs and school representatives, who have implemented other climate change projects.

Representatives of 25 schools from 13 settlements took part. Some of them became familiar with the project for the first time and h