Study visit Berlin, 22-26.09.2019

In the period 22-26.09.2019, a study visit, part of the BEACON project, took place in Berlin, Germany. NTEF participates in the project together with another 8 organisations from 7 countries.

The Bulgarian group consisted of ten school principals from two municipalities – Pavel Banya and Veliko Tarnovo, the directors of Regional Inspectorate for Education in Valiko Tarnovo and Stara Zagora, as well as the directors for education from both municipalities. A representative of the National Institute for Training of Teachers participated as well. The group was completed by two representatives of NTEF.

Host of the study visit was UfU (Independent Institute for the Environment) Berlin, partner of NTEF for the educational initiatives.

The visit’s purpose was to learn from the German experience in introducing activities in the schools that aim at changing the students’ behavior in terms of energy efficiency, as well as getting to know the related activities in the municipal administrations and regional departments of the Ministry of Education.

The participants exchanged knowledge and experience with teachers and principals from two schools, visited an innovative study center for energy efficiency and a school laboratory with experiments demonstration.

The time spent in Berlin served as well to provide opportunity for the Bulgarian participants to discuss between themselves ideas for the future development of the initiative in Bulgaria.

The event resulted in several new ideas and inspiration for future actions in the Bulgarian schools.