The dialogue between municipalities, schools and their partners has started

In the first days of July, the first meetings with the interested parties were held in Yambol and Dobrich.

These meetings were organized on the initiative and at the invitation of the two municipalities and their schools participating in the project.

The meetings were attended by representatives of the Regional Directorates of Education and of the service providers for the schools – the gas distribution companies, the electricity distribution companies, the water supply companies, the food suppliers in the schools, the teams of the regional governors, the media, etc.

The process of review and analysis of the condition of the schools, the results of the energy tours and the assessment of the carbon footprint of each of the four schools, as well as the upcoming activities in the autumn and winter, were presented.

The participants asked many questions, gave ideas on how to move towards climate neutrality of schools and expressed their willingness to continue the dialogue and contribute to the achievement of the goals that the schools will set for themselves in the upcoming Vision workshops.