Working with Bulgarian schools and kindergartens on the topic of Climate and Energy – from project actions to a national initiative

On 27th and 28th of August 2020, a workshop took place in Sofia with the participation of the stakeholders of the NTEF projects for behavioral change of children and students for energy savings in school and in the kindergarten, with representatives from the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Water and Environment and the German Federal Ministry of Environment.

The workshop took place in the framework of the BEACON project of the European climate initiative (EUKI).

Five years after the first attempt to introduce the topic in schools and Kindergarten of Bulgaria, in the country there are more than 150 teachers, more than 2000 children and students from over 60 schools and 15 kindergartens in 12 municipalities involved in the projects.

Besides the three ministries, other participants in the workshop were teachers and headmasters of the schools and kindergartens, municipality representatives, university representatives, NTEF and their partners from UfU, Guidehouse and EnEffect.

The potential for energy savings in all Bulgarian schools and kindergartens only through behavioral change could be measured in millions kWh energy, thousands of tons of greenhouse gasses and millions of BGN saved annually.

The effective discussions led to the decision to undertake steps towards development of a national initiative as a horizontal element of the state policies of the educational and environmental sectors.